Ours is an unmatched service. Dine in, takeout, or have it delivered.
Ours is a carefully curated assortment of lip-smacking, artisanal delicacies.
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Ours is truly the Food for Thought, freshest ingredients and healthiest recipes.
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The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison, Ann Wingmore rightly said. In this busy lifestyle of ours and the fast-changing world, it is quite easy to forget that our bodies are our real homes. When they crumble, the world around us crumbles. The food choices that we make so casually on a day-to-day basis are now more important than ever. We need to keep those foundations strong. Remember, the food will look after you when you give it a food for thought.
We, at Food For Thought Garden City, have been relentlessly doing so for almost three decades and will continue to do so for many more to come. We truly believe that healthy eating is the way of life and in doing so you don’t have to compromise on the taste. Which is why, in everything we serve, you will always find the best of what Mother Nature has to offer, prepared right in front of you with the choicest of ingredients, fresh, unprocessed, and flavourful. So you can be sure that every choice you make with us will be the right choice.
Our one-of-a-kind menu is a carefully thought of assortment of mouth-watering, healthy delicacies. Our freshly-pressed juices, smoothies, elixirs are made to order and served one-standard. Our salad station—homemade dressings and fresh veggies— is second to none. Our sandwich station offers a variety of wraps, buns and breads, whereas our bowl station allows you to create your own with unique, flavourful toppings. There’s omelettes made of free-range eggs, chicken that is anti-biotic free, and desserts and ACAI bowls that are guilt-free. And more!
We are open every day, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner to all who don’t like to compromise when it comes to a good old fashioned mealtime. We look forward to meeting you!
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We’ve been serving the Garden City for almost three decades.
That’s right. That long. Since 1992, we have been serving you at the GC community with the best of what Mother Nature has to offer. And with your support and love we will continue to do so for many, many more years to come.
We put a lot of Thought in Our food but also a lot of flavours.
Contrary to popular belief, healthy eating and delicious food aren’t antonyms. In everything we serve, from salads to smoothies, shots to soups, burgers to bowls, everything is brimming with flavours, but also good health.
We use the freshest of ingredients, all organically produced.
As we said, we put a lot of thought in our food, which is all our ingredients are sourced from organic farms and are fresh to the core. Remember, the food will look after you when you give it a Food for Thought.